Choose the right virtual study fair for you

The fair on Wednesday 26 January will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine subjects. Attend on Thursday 27 January if you’re interested in Arts, Law, Social Sciences & Business subjects. Once in the fair you will be able to use a keyword search to see which universities have PhDs in the subject(s) you’re interested in.

Chat LIVE to universities between 11am-3pm GMT

The fair will be open for 24 hours, but live chat with university representatives is only available between 11am-3pm GMT. You’ll be able to download any information and conversations you have had for future reference.

You’ll need to register beforehand

The fair is completely free to attend, but you’ll need to register in advance to secure your place and ensure faster entry on the day. Once registered you’ll receive more details about how to log in and join the fair.

If you have any more questions about the virtual study fair, read our FAQs.